Programmatic Marketing - PI am often asked what’s programmatic marketing? With the digital age changing consumer behaviour patterns and their buying decisions online, digital advertising has evolved with advertising technology platforms catering to this change.

Ad exchanges, real time bidding, demand side platforms, data-management platforms, impression-level decisioning, ad verification and 3rd party data provision companies are all part of the integrated technology stack sophisticated programmatic marketing platforms are offering.

The change in online behaviour means that the level of data internet users leave behind through their digital footprint is growing at an enormous rate. The way internet users travel seamlessly across devices taking complete control of the content they consume, where and when it’s consumed, provided the gateway for advertising technology platforms. Leveraging from these data points and decisioning against them at an impression-level in an automated, real-time environment, is a media buying practice that’s growing.

The benefit to the advertiser is increased efficiencies in the cost of buying ad impressions and reaching their target audience. The benefit to the consumer is the brand relevance to the content they consume, their online interests and/or where they are in the buying journey with a particular brand. The publisher also benefits in this deal. They get to serve ads relevant to their audience enhancing their online experience. They also get to maximise their ad revenue by relinquishing their remnant inventory to the ad exchanges to be bidded on in the open market, instead of sold at a fixed rate to ad networks.

My introduction into programmatic marketing was at DataXu, an omni-channel programmatic marketing platform. As one of the leaders in the market, their video below provides a good introduction into programmatic marketing. You’ll also find more posts here.