Once Bad Intentions - Book CoverBack in 2011 I decided I would go independent if the gatekeepers to get my debut novel Once Bad Intentions published traditionally continued to block my access into the market. They did, so I took on the role and intense learning curve of publisher to hire the freelance professionals and set up the platforms that would get my book, professionally, to market. I independently published Once Bad Intentions in January 2014 on Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords and KoboBooks, plus am now available in the following bookstores and libraries:

I also created a multi-media extension to my novel. A website that brings to life the culture, theme and multi-media variant of the time and characters’ background. Visit Once Bad Intentions to experience my protagonist, Stephanie Johnson’s, world.

Or you can get a sneak preview here through the Once Bad Intentions book trailer below: