Unconditional Love

What I felt was beyond my recollection of words

Beyond my recollection of the pain that curled up inside my abdomen

What I felt was so far beyond what I could see and hear

So far beyond the fear, striking through rigid limbs, an intensified grip and snarling clenched teeth

Image: All rights reserved to Monique Dixon 2010

Image: All rights reserved to Monique Dixon 2010

What I felt had surpassed the blackouts

Surpassed the ambiguity of any reasons that could sanction the suffering, beautify the journey of events

What I felt rose up and beyond anything I had ever felt before

I felt engulfed by the sentiment of a rare emotion…rare in its truest form…rare in its purest form

I felt besotted, possessive, protective and amazed by a gift God had given to me

I felt overwhelmed as I cradled my newborn child, embraced her suckle and wept with humility

What I felt was love…pure and simple unconditional love.

© Monique Dixon 2011

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